Blanket is a narrative game conceived during a 48 hour iThrive Games Find the Kind Game Jam, a game jam centered around making games around the concept of kindness.
In this game, you're cohabiting with Blanket, a depressed person who's not particularly good at self-care. The choices you make around your apartment can impact actions Blanket will take towards self-care but what exactly does self-care look like? Is it answering emails, is it being comfortable with giving yourself a break, is it doing the easier thing when you just don't have the energy or doing the hard thing despite it? These are questions we hope the Player will ask as they make choices on how to spend the day and learn Blanket's story.
During the game jam, it won for Best Art & Honorable Mention. The game is presently in the developmental stage and a demo will be available on shortly.

Screenshot featuring the bedroom

Concept of the Player & Blanket

Final renditions

Idle Animation (Animated in Spine)

Walk Cycle Animation (Animated in Spine)




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