Hey there! My name is Tiffany McFarlane and I recently graduated from the Rochester Institute of Technology with a BFA in Film & Animation. My concentration is Stop Motion Animation but I have strong foundations in Illustration and 2D Animation!
 I LOVE GAMES! And when I'm not objecting with Phoenix Wright or reading about gaming news, I spend my time studying Japanese culture & language. I spent the summer studying abroad in Tokyo, Japan at Sophia University where I studied pop culture on a global scale and how it affects our relationships to each other. I learned that these relationships are so important to society as they often shape our media, and that media is a powerful tool of creative expression and voice. Children's games are where I got my start as a gamer, spending many nights playing scary Nancy Drew games with my mom or Cluefinders on my own, so I'm incredibly open to producing work for that audience. I believe strongly that games can be enjoyable and relevant to people from all walks of life and wish to do whatever I can to fill the field with more art!
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