In order of appearance:
1. Haiku: Group project
All animation. Construction photos can be seen at:
2. Don't Listen. : Stop Motion sophomore film
Character design, set design, set construction, character & effects animation. Full video
3. Astro Cherry Bomb: Stop Motion senior thesis
Designed & constructed characters, lip sync, set design & construction, animation. Construction photos can be seen at:
4. The Machine Stops: 2D After Effects adventure game concept
Character design, environment design, character & effects animation. Full video:
5. ABCMouse: HTML5 Flash/Animate Games
All character animation & lipsync. Copyright © Age of Learning. Full animations:
6. Sand Animation: School project
Animation with sand. Full video:
7. Armature Animation: School project
Animation with metal armature.
8. Graffiti: 2D junior film
Character design and animation.
9. Blanket: 2D Unity game jam project
Character design, background design, and animation.
10. Sock Puppet Animation: School project
Character acting and animation. Audio from Airplane! (1980)
11. Stop Motion Pixilation: School project
Acting and animation.

Additional client based motion-graphics animation samples available upon request.

Music credit: RetroFuture Nasty Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License
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