Kid Knight

Idle Animation

During my time at Second Avenue Learning, I was tasked with producing the art elements needed to create a short web game for Legends of Learning's website launch. The premise followed that the player fights monsters in an arena-like setting and then answers educational questions in order to proceed. The team & I brainstormed ideas for themes that could work in determining the art direction, while also creating something that would be kid-friendly and approachable. We decided on a "beach" theme with a Kid Knight whose weapon of choice is a breach umbrella!

All assets Copyright © Second Avenue Software, Inc.

Attack 1

Attack 2

Attack 3

Defense Animation

Run Animation

KO Animation

The Kid Knight is meant to have 3 attacks, a defense position in which they open the umbrella, and a KO animation. The battle allows for button-mashing and smooth combat transitions.

Silhouette tests for the Kid Knight. In the first batch I wanted to try out different feels for what would translate nicely to pixel art. After more discussion, we talked about the Kid Knight using their bucket as a more prominent helmet and so it moved down in the later sketches.

Here are some of the character designs I sketched out for some of the beach monsters the player would fight against. I wanted to think of the ways I could turn ordinary beach objects into something worthy of combat. I wanted to play more attention to silhouette so there would be clarity in the pixel art. We ended up deciding on 4, 5, 8, and 9.

Ice Cream Monster

Idle Animation

All monsters have a loop hold before the attack lands which each monster holding for a different time period for varied difficulty.

Palm Tree Monster

Sand Shark

Seaweed Monster

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