We introduced a game that attendees could participate during the con weekend in called ConQuest. Attendees collect bingo boards and fill them out as they see illustrations on signs around campus. I created a series of vector puppets and 25 black & white icons for the game in Adobe Illustrator!

ConQuest vector puppets & icon examples

Our yearly shirt prints white ink on a black t-shirt so I always have to make sure whatever I design reads well visually. I usually draw the art & text and then convert it into vector, except for 2017 when I made the shirt entirely in Adobe Illustrator.

2018 Shirt

2017 Shirt

2015 Con Shirt
2016 Con Shirt
For badges or social media, sometimes I will draw illustrations of the four mascots.
2015 Enforcer Badge
2015 Staff Badge
2015 Vendor Badge
2015 Press Badge
2015 Volunteer Badge
Thanksgiving 2016
Winter Holidays 2016

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